Aortic Punch System


+ Wide range (10 sizes to cut - from 2,5mm to 6,0mm)

+ Excellent cutting

+ Unique cutter design

+ Color-coded to size

+ Radiopaque

+ Steril or non-steril

+ Single use


Order Informations:


CD-3-17-0025           2,5mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0025L         2,5mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0028           2,8mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0028L         2,8mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0030           3,0mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0030L         3,0mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0035           3,5mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0035L         3,5mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0040           4,0mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0040L         4,0mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0045           4,5mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0045L         4,5mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0048           4,8mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0048L         4,8mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0050           5,0mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0050L         5,0mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0055           5,5mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0055L         5,5mmX17cm Long Tip

CD-3-17-0060           6,0mmX17cm

CD-3-17-0060L         6,0mmX17cm Long Tip





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Other Products