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VARIXIO is the most advanced foam preparation system for sclerotherapy of varicose veins.

This system provides a CONVENIENT, AUTOMATED and STANDARDISED way to prepare sclerosant foam using polidocanol or sodium tetradecyl sulfate at a wide range of concentrations.

VARIXIO represents
a new generation
in sclerotherapy.

VARIXIO is the most advanced sclerosant foam preparation system for the treatment of varicose veins of any size as it allows the preparation of foam even at very low sclerosant concentrations.

VARIXIO consists of a customised magnetic stirrer


VARIXIO Pro Mag and a sterile single-use capsule 

VARIXIO Pod Air in which the foam is made.

As the procedure is standardised, the physical characteristics of the resulting foam can be controlled.

Varixio Device.png
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