ClariVein® IC Infusion Catheter


ClariVein IC is a specialty infusion catheter with a rotating wire tip designed for the controlled 360-degree dispersion of physician-specified agents to the peripheral vasculature. This fully disposable device is minimally invasive, efficient, easy to use, and has many benefits, including minimal post-operative pain and faster recovery.

ClariVein® IC Infusion Catheter

Motor Drive Unit

Responsible for the wire rotation.

  • Power Drive System – The Motor Drive Unit is operated by a low voltage, self-contained power system.

  • Variable Rotating Speed – Multiple speed settings allow for rotating wire and dispersion ball to rotate between approximately 2,000 and 3,500 RPM.

  • Single Handed Operation – Motor Drive Unit designed to be fully operational with one hand.

  • Self-Contained and Disposable – Fully self-contained, single-use device with no need for capital equipment purchase.

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Includes infusion catheter, rotating wire, and dispersion ball together in a cartridge for secure fastening to the Motor Drive Unit (MDU).

  • Small Profile – <3 French infusion catheter.

  • Flexibility – Flexible coaxial infusion catheter has a rotating wire and a dispersion ball at the distal tip.

  • Good Imaging Visualization – Rotating wire and dispersion ball is easily identifiable under imaging guidance.

  • Excellent Pushability – Powerful torque designed for vessel navigation.

  • Visibility – Radiopaque markers for predicable pullback and infusion.

  • Custom Fit – Multiple catheter lengths available. Select size based on patient anatomy and desired tip location.

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Catheter Assembly

Order Information

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