Telangiectasia Needles




The Ballet stainless steel Tel F3 and Tel K3 needles are designed for Telangiectasia and are sculpted from 18G nickel-chrome Swedish stainless steel – the steel used in fine surgical instruments.

Micro-polishing is used to achieve Ballet’s unique point. Current intensity can be lowered and insertions are smooth, precise and comfortable.

Treatment recommendations: The stainless steel needle is ideal for clients with strong, healthy skin, who respond well to electrolysis treatments.


The Ballet Tel F3 Gold is designed for Telangiectasia and is coated with 24ct, nickel-free Gold. Gold has many acknowledged medical uses and its benefits are clear in electrolysis.

Treatment recommendation: The 24ct gold needle responds to the needs of clients who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin and whose skin reacts negatively to standard stainless steel probes. (Note: A rare gold allergy does exist. Be sure that in your intake interview with your client you ask about this.)