DyvaGuard Protective Face Shields


Use to protect the user from all kinds of liquids, dusts and particles.

With superior viewfinder options, vision quality is maximized and misting is minimized.

The shield is for full face protection.

With its elastic headband, sponge or foam forehead support, it is comfortable and suitable for long-term use.

DyvaGuard Comfort offers a special protective film-coated visor option to protect the material from external factors.

This film will be opened by the user.

Thanks to its elastic headband, it is suitable for its head size and does not require extra adjustment.

DyvaGuard is lightweight and suitable for all-day use.

DyvaGuard is convenient to use together if you are using glasses and mask.

Evaluate the DyvaGuard economic and disposable model.


DyvaGuard is ergonomic with all these features.

This product has been authorized by FDA under an emergency use authorization for use by healthcare providers as personal protective equipment.